How to Order



To place an order I will need pictures of your vehicle. If you see me at one of the local shows I attend in northeast Ohio, I may be able to take the pictures for you. If you provide your own photographs, I prefer them to be digital from a camera that has at least three mega-pixel. Please set the camera to its highest resolution before taking your pictures. If you provide printed photographs, I will need them to be at least 4x 6 so when they are enlarged, the detail will still be noticeable.


Take a good look at your photographs. Were they taken on a really sunny day? Do you see a lot of shadows and reflections of other items in your vehicle? You may want to select a different time or place to take your pictures. The best time to take pictures is in the morning and late evening when the sunny is not directly above you. Please provide at least a five pictures similar to the ones shown on my sample page. Also, provide close-up pictures of the emblems on your vehicle. Try to make these as sharp as possible.